Make Your Profile Really Stand Out

Disabled DatingOnce you’ve found a terrific website and you’re happy to be a member, how do you go about meeting someone? The first step is making sure your profile is going to really stand out. It can be hard to know how to build an attractive profile. So here are a few tips that will help you out.


You’re likely to know from experience that a dating profile with no pictures isn’t very attractive. While we like to think people are more interested in who we are than what we look like, that isn’t always the case. A person can often tell if there’s going to be a connection based on the visual appeal of the other person. That’s not in a conventional “beautiful” or “ugly” standard, but more what appeals to that person in particular. So make sure to use a good picture of yourself. Don’t use an edited one. People want to know what you actually look like. You want to be transparent about your appearance. You don’t want to to meet someone just to find out they used a fake picture, right? You don’t want to advertise yourself falsely either. Try and use a nice photo that really draws attention to your personality. Something silly, or classy, depending on the type of person that you are.

Tell Them Who You Are

On that note, you should make sure your profile has information about who you are. The standard profiles mention music and movies, but that’s not descriptive of someones personality. Now if you include what your favorite bands are and why, you’re looking at a more descriptive profile. The reason behind our love of certain things is often very descriptive. Include information about what you like to do for fun. This will increase responses from the type of people who share common interests with you. That’s why it’s important to be specific and informative. You want to make the right connection with someone. The first place they ever see your personality is on your profile. You should never include information about where you work, but what you do for a living is a good thing to have on your profile as well. If you have goals and dreams, include them!

Specifiy Your Wants

Don’t be afraid to narrow down your choices. If there’s someone specific you’re looking for, include that in your profile. It’s important that you don’t waste your time, or the time of others. So your dating profile should always be descriptive of the type of person you’re looking to attract. Particularly if you’re seeking a certain gender. But, even if you’re looking for someone who loves the opera, you should include that. It doesn’t matter what type of person you’re looking for, it just matters that you express what you know. You may not want to say you’ll only date someone with brown eyes and stuff like that. Those are unneccesary detaild that don’t define a person. You should include the most important traits you’re looking for. The kind of traits that will make or break your opinion on the other person.

Layout of the Text

Don’t worry about having too many details on your profile. There are fantastic ways to make sure it will still look visually appealing. Yes, a lot of information looks overwhelming at first. Especially if you put it all in paragraph form. But if you use bullet points to describe your hobby you’ll see a difference in the layout right away. Suddenly all that information looks much more appealing. You should also make sure you use a spell checker before publishing your profile. You don’t want spelling errors that could detour potential interests. If it’s possible, get a friend or family member to proof read your profile. They may see something you don’t. They may be able to offer suggestions about what to add or remove. Plus, they know you.

Honesty Is Key

Finally, in your particular situation, don’t hide you disability (if you consider it that). It’s important that your potential dates know about any restrictions you may face. Even if it doesn’t seem important to you, it may be to the other person. The brighter side of that is you’re already on a website aimed at amputee dating. So you don’t have to worry about the reaction you might get when you tell someone. But, it is the human nature to be curious. Anyone contacing you will already know you have something different about you. It likely won’t change their interest.

Using these tips, you should be able to build a really great dating profile. So get started, and good luck!

Make Your Profile Really Stand Out